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CozyBag Wilderness: multifunctional hide bag for hunters and wildlife photographers

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A hunting trip always needs long and patient waiting. The new BERGSTOP Wilderness will help you to keep warm and comfortable, blending you discreetly into nature, yet giving you freedom to move your arms silently to focus your targets.

Special features of Wilderness:

  • Dark green fabric with water repellent treatment
  • Low noise when moving
  • High quality noise free YKK zippers
  • Slip-through hand opening for quick reaction
  • 3 pockets and adjustable hood

  • cozybag wilderness
  • cozybag wilderness
  • cozybag wilderness

The Wilderness is also the perfect companion for traveling to and from the hunting grounds. Its patented design means you can walk around with it and use your arms freely, and yet, it can be quickly converted into a comfortable sleeping bag for the night in the tent, in a train, on a friend’s sofa or a hostels bed. The arms allow you to sleep in any position (we turn in bed an average of 32 times each night) and grab your torch or phone anytime. The bottom opening allows you to sit, stand and walk anytime you need without leaving the warm comfort behind. Button it up and use it as warm jacket around the campsite or mountain hut.


Hunting Christian V., hunter

I found this CozyBag at the Frankonia Shop in Stuttgart and bought it. Very practical Model, warm and quite silent, good quality. The design and material is suitable for certain types of hunting, where waiting in the cold is needed. Good product, I like it.

Outdoor photography Paddy S., photographer

The CozyBag Wilderness keeps me warm and hidden during those early morning photo-shootings in winter. I can wait patiently until the animals show up or catch the perfect light on sunrise.

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