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Explore all activities you can do with the multifunctional CozyBag

Watch the sunset or sunrise
in front of your tent,
then go back to sleep

CozyBag is the perfect companion for traveling, outdoor and leisure! The bottom opening allows you to sit, stand and walk anytime you need without leaving the warm comfort behind. It can be quickly converted into a comfortable sleeping bag for the night in the tent, in a train, on a friend’s sofa or a hostels bed. The arms allow you to sleep in any position and grab your torch or phone anytime.

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Sleep in any position with your arms
free, transform it in seconds
to get up and walk around

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    Stay at your friends home after a party

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    Relaxing Around The Home

    Enjoy the first days of spring in the garden

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    Sleep Anywhere

    The SilkLiner is your private bedsheet

Stay comfortable while waiting
for that perfect early morning

The warmer Wilderness is perfect for bird-watchers, wildlife photographers, fishers and hunters or all who want a discreet colour for a low profile while camping or staying outdoors for long time. The special hand opening makes it easy to grab your equipment anytime and the fabric minimizes noise when moving.

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    Wildlife Photography

    Discreetly blend into nature and stay warm

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    Hunting And Forestry

    Special features keep you comfortable but ready

Windproof and water repellent,
perfect choice for a day by
the lake

  • Traveling

    Wrap up anywhere you feel cold

  • Tailgaiting

    Take a break and relax where you like

  • Emergencies

    Comes in handy in unexpected situations

  • Cozybag Classic

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    179 EURO

  • CozyBag Wilderness

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    199 EURO

  • SilkLiner

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    59 EURO