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How to pack the MicroLiner and SilkLiner into its own pocket? Easy!

August 03, 2018

How to pack the MicroLiner and SilkLiner into its own pocket? Easy!

The pocket of the MicroLiner and SilkLiner serves also as their packsack, so you will never lose it again. But how to fold the Liners back in there? Follow our easy instruction below and after a few times you’ll be able to pack it in less than a minute!

First, spread out the MicroLiner or SilkLiner with the pocket opening facing away from you:

MicroLiner folding 1

Fold it in half along the center, keeping the pocket on the bottom, then fold the hood and the foot end towards each other:

MicroLiner folding 2

Fold it again neatly a few times, so that the layers are as wide as the pocket opening and are right on top of it:

MicroLiner folding 3

Now fold the lower half of the stack up, the whole Liner is now roughly the size of the pocket. Pat it flat, to get the air out:

MicroLiner folding 4

Now lift the pack up and grab with one hand deep into the pocket, gripping around the bottom of the stack. Hold it firmly:

MicroLiner folding 5

Pull up with the hand in the pocket, while pulling over the outside of the pocket with the other hand, reversing the whole package inside-out:

MicroLiner folding 6

Straighten the pocket, massage the fabric a bit into shape:

MicroLiner folding 7

Flip the cover flap over the top and pat the package flat:

MicroLiner folding 8

There you go!

MicroLiner folding 9

 But sometimes you are in a hurry? No problem, see our video for a quick way to stuff the Liner into the pocket. But don't forget to take it out when back home...



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